Limestone Rise Conservancy and Wolf Creek Preserve

Another overcast day and some raindrops aren’t going to keep me inside, visited the Limestone Rise Conservancy and Wolf Creek Preserve this weekend. Although they were close in proximity, the two places couldn’t be more different!

Limestone Rise Conservancy does not have a parking lot, you must park on the side of the road. Surprise, we were the only people here again on this day. You enter a forest trail that turns into wetland, before you cross a road to continue into more forest. Two words to say about this place, holy wildflowers! They blanketed this place and it made me feel like it was actually springtime on this gloomy day.


Red Trillium


Spring Beauty




Blue Cohosh


Rue Anemone

I normally hike at a quick pace but the beauty slowed me down and I believe this is a good thing. There are many deep fissures in the land, some of which are still covered with leaves at this time, so it is a good idea to take your time a bit here.


The trail is only a 1.5 loop, so if you have it in you to do another hike there is another one close by.

Wolf Creek Preserve has many different interconnected trails, so it is a good idea to grab one of their trail maps at the trailhead in the parking lot to make the most of your hike and so you don’t get lost.


The paths were forest and wetland, a lot of the trails were pretty muddy on account of the rain. Walking around you will see many old stonewalls, and hear the creek flowing peacefully. This preserve is also on both sides of the road.


Enjoy the hikes!


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