Home Front Café

Headed out to Altamont to visit the Home Front Café for a great breakfast and some history.

My senses were overwhelmed upon entering, and I enjoyed looking around while I waited for my meal.


Seated in a little corner I was right next to a beautiful stained-glass replication of the storefront, and a corkboard full of veteran faces, one of which I recognized as my good friend from the USS Slater, Les a WWII vet! What a funny coincidence.



I loved looking at the art and pictures on the walls, the artifacts under the glass on the table, and browsing the assorted books in a bin next to me. I was able to get the economic mind of Jeff interested in a little time period book about the year 1944. We were looking at how inflation impacted the price of things such as milk, gold, silver, yearly income, house price, and the Dow Jones. For any history lover or military veteran this place is a wonderful joint to eat at, and the chow is good. Quickly it was time to put our minds to eating delicious and large helping of blueberry pancakes and home fries. 


I felt extra thankful for the meal considering my plate was placed right over a WWII ration book.

After our great meal we strolled around Altamont, unbeknownst to us, it was the town’s annual garage sale. Almost every lawn had items for sale and there were street vendors selling food. It was a truly lovely community event. I was happy to pay two dollars to fill a bag full of books at the Altamont Library. I scored some classics, a new nature identification book, a bunch of children’s books for my future library as a teacher, and some other odds and ends.




There are some great nature preserves in the area, and that is where we headed off to after our charming experience in town.



Visit Altamont’s Home Front Café!



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