Jericho Drive-In

One activity that reminds me winter is over for a while is the return of the Drive-Ins!


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m kind of particular about where I catch my flicks. Before moving to Albany I had never been to a Drive-In before, so now I’m making up for lost time. Although there is always a double feature, which is a great bang for your buck, my attention span can never last the second movie or I fall asleep.

Last weekend was the opening weekend for Jericho Drive-In and we saw Captain America. This weekend we went to see Spiderman. Both really awesome flicks, and it’s so nice to be in the comfort of your own car, and supporting an amazing local business. With the switch to digital a lot of Drive-In’s are really in trouble, now is the time to get out there and see all the movies you’ve been interested in, at the Drive-In’s.

The ice cream stand at Jericho Drive-In is an added bonus. They have a wide variety of hard ice cream, soft serve, sundaes, etc and they are heavy handed on their scoops. Their ice cream is GOOD, the Mr. loves PB Smores, and I love trying out a new flavor every time (so skip dessert that night and grab some ice cream for your movie!). Tonight I got Coconut Almond Fudge, really scrumptious and I sort of felt healthy ;). They also have a snack stand serving hamburgers, hotdogs, popcorn, candy, the works.




Blue-Moon soft serve from another night

I love Jericho because it’s real close to Albany, it’s small, and the atmosphere is very laid back. I have been to Hollywood Drive-In in Averill Park also close and sometimes plays different movies than Jericho, and Malta Drive-In in Malta which has two screens. Both are great as well, just a bit farther from Albany.


Support the Drive-In’s!


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2 Responses to Jericho Drive-In

  1. albanyjane says:

    There is something enchanting about neon colored ice cream. I remember when Stewart’s had some kind of blue ice cream. It was also awesome.

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