Albany Institute of History and Art

Tonight is First Friday in Albany, which means a lot of stores, galleries, museums, and bars are holding special events.

I love taking advantage of the free admission to the Albany Institute of History and Art (you can also come here for free with an Albany Public Library museum pass).

There are so many fascinating exhibits to ponder at the museum, but one you should take advantage of is the Mystery of the Albany Mummies, because it will be ending June 8th. Captivating history, culture, art, and actual mummies to see. There are many hands on exhibits for kids, or kids at heart, and you can make your friend a mummy!


Besides mummies there are beautiful sculptures, artifacts, and paintings, which are all worth looking at, my favorite of which is this one: birds with guns (my own title).


If you know me, I have a fascination with birds, and guns, so this is right up my alley, and I wish it were right above my couch in my apartment. The gift shop is also fun to look in, with many books and gifts savvy the Capital Region history. I got lovely Dutch clog ornaments for Christmas presents last year for my history loving friends and family. Museum gift shops are usually fun to poke about it, they will give you an idea of what you will see in the museum itself and usually informational brochures, and they are free of charge.


Check out other 1st Friday events


Catch the mummies while they are still in town, and enjoy the rest of the museum exhibits!


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