Tea Time

How do you like your tea?

The weather has been cold, grey, and rainy the past couple of days, a perfect time to pick yourself up with a warm cup of tea. I love my tea with a little honey, and who knows tea better than the British? I’m not sure if anyone does, so I went to Brits ‘R’ U.S. to go get mine. This store has all sorts of imported goods from the UK including candy, canned goods, drinks, and British memorabilia. If you fancy yourself an anglo-anthropologist, you may enjoy having a look about, or if you just want to acquire a proper cup of tea you can do so here as well. I got 80 bags of Yorkshire Tea for a pretty decent price; I am quite satisfied with my purchase. It is a strong and enjoyable tea, plus the company is part of the rainforest alliance, which helps me sleep at night.


Some locally sourced honey will do the trick to sweeten this tea up, and I obtain it at the Troy Farmer’s Market. There is another reason for buying local honey other than just supporting your local farmers for some people, especially in springtime. It is said that the honey of local bees can be used to soothe allergies. Do yourself and your farmers a favor, and buy delicious local honey!


Enjoy your tea with these ingredients at


Brits ‘R’ U.S.

1593 Central Avenue Colonie, NY 12305


Troy Farmer’s Market

282 River St, Troy, NY 12181

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