Rensselaer Technology Park Trails

Birds songs, turkey, whitetail deer, wild flowers, and waterfalls; the makings of a lovely spring hike. It was gorgeous out today, so I wanted to get my guy into nature after he got out of work. We’ve been on a kick trying new places to hike lately, and went to the Rensselaer Technology Park Trails.

I am pretty good with directions, the ones I had to this preserve weren’t perfect. From Albany take I-90 E towards Boston to Exit 8, left on 4N, left on Jordan Road, check. Then things got a little sketchy. After driving around a bit, and spotting a turkey, we started to see people jogging and biking so we parked in the Pitney Bowes lot address: One Global View Troy, NY 12180.


We walked across the road where the pampasgras grows, and found a trail through the field that finally led us into the woods! Success.


A fine bridge allowed us to cross some running water. There are walking sticks on a hook at the base of the bridge, and you might want one, as some of the trails are a bit strenuous.


We took the trail following the sound of the water to discover a beautiful waterfall! It was created from the smallest stream, but fell into quite a sight.


The trail was a bit hard to follow, and it seemed to end abruptly at some point unless I just lost it, but it wasn’t frustrating because nature was abundant. We saw our first wildflowers of spring!





Trout Lilies

Some whitetail deer were running amuck, the birds were singing, and the sun was shining warm. We took another trail that led us down to railroad tracks and the Hudson River. We didn’t encounter any humans in the woods on these trails, another peaceful quiet hike.


Check out the Rensselaer Technology Park Trails by crossing the street from

Pitney Bowes parking lot: One Global View Troy, NY 12180

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