Low Beat’s Brunch

Went to the Low Beat’s this morning to enjoy some brunch.

My first reaction was, woah, it is dark in here for brunch. It is a bar though, and it’s a part of their ambiance. I had been to Valentine’s a few times and always had a good time there. The place was packed, and we only got there a few minutes after the brunch start time, 11am. We were lucky to snag one of the two remaining tables, and placed our order. Although the Captain Crunch French Toast sounded really interesting I went with the Banana bread pancakes, rum spiked maple, and the Mr. got Huevos Con Chorizo. 


More and more people entered the establishment, but no tables were opening up. We waited nearly an hour for our meal, which for some reason didn’t drive me insane. I had coffee, people watching was plenty, there was a band playing, and my sweetie to talk to. 


The food was good when it came, and quite filling. So, if you don’t mind possibly waiting for some time before your brunch, visit the Low Beat! Or just go there for drinks at night.



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4 Responses to Low Beat’s Brunch

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  2. Kong T says:

    An hour for brunch? Are you kidding me?

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