Keleher Preserve

Keleher Preserve aka Wolf Hill was an absolutely wonderful hike.

We were the only people in the preserve today, and we didn’t mind the peace and quiet. The preserve is tucked away in the back roads of Berne you feel like you’re in another world, but in reality so close to Albany. The trail was very well marked which is always nice. I enjoyed the mild changes in elevation, sighting animal prints and scat, and imagining the people who built the stonewalls scattered throughout the preserve.


The trail goes out, loops, and then back, but you can meander down the red trail to get to a lovely little overlook where you can view Albany in the distance.


On the drive I noticed a large quantity of decaying farm equipment on a seemingly abandoned property. I stopped on my way home to take a closer look. One man’s trash is another mans’ treasure. This looked like a beautiful sculpture park of a rural graveyard to me, and I snapped some shots.



There was also a beautiful view of a nearby mountain range from the road.


Visit the preserve

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