Columbian Cuisine: La Fogata Restaurante

Ever had delicious Columbian cuisine? If you haven’t, you can just over the border of Massachusetts, in Pittsfield at La Fogata Restaurante.


I had a really wonderful dining experience eating here. The joint is easy to miss if your driving fast, but once you get inside you’ll be happy you made it. The decorations are interesting and ethnic, the waitress was attentive, and the food very scrumptious. We came on a cold day so I was interested in some soup. There was a chicken soup, which can often be plain, but I asked how it was and the waitress said it was very good so I ordered it, and it was fantastic!! Large chunks of delicious chicken, potatoes, herbs, perfect and warm.


I had a delicious chicken empanada (never enough chicken!) and to try something new, Tostones con Hogao; a translation, Green Plantains with Sautéed Tomatoes and Onions, and a delicious cheese sauce. 


ImageThis was so good, and so filling. It was a very pleasurable meal for me. The man had Chuleta Apanada, the breaded pork loin and he quite enjoyed it.


We saved room for dessert and got the most divine tres leches cake I have ever encountered. I wish it could be my wedding cake. If nothing else I have said moved you, go for this cake!!! It might change your life.



Go. Eat. Enjoy. Thank me later 🙂

They do not have a website, but you can view their menu here:

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