I like the way that sounds, and I like the way what I ordered tastes. I was sitting in a Lebanese restaurant in Troy, Beruit (absolutely fantastic experience there, and I’ll tell you about it another day), and I over heard someone talking about Polish food in Troy. I’d never had it, but they were talking about this place in high esteem, so I researched it. Muza came up on Google, and everyone else seemed to dig the joint as well. My friend came up to visit from the city, and I took the gamble to bring us to a restaurant I had never been before. Worth it!


As everyone says, the place really does seem like your Grandma’s house, but I can dig it. Service was a bit slow, but the food was great so I didn’t mind a bit. I got the Polish Vegetable Salad and it was goood, my friends didn’t mind helping me eat it until our main courses came out. I got the Pierogi and they were so fresh and scrumptious.

I thought I had found some grand secret, and started telling people about it to share the wealth. I told my neighbor I had Polish food the other day, and he was like, ‘oh yeah Muza? They’re great.’ I told my friend I went to Muza for great food and she was like, ‘I used to go there all the time when I was at HVCC.’ So everyone knew about this fantastic place, but never told me of their secret. If you are a person who knows not of Muza, I share this knowledge with you now. If you new about it and didn’t tell me earlier, I am not pleased!


Check out their menu and stop by

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