Scotia Cinema

I’m very particular about where I see my movies.

When there is talk about the Great Depression people usually note that they would go to the movies to forget about life for a while. I think it is such a shame that something, which can be so uplifting, has to break the bank nowadays!

So for me, I skip Regal theaters and go for something a little more homegrown. In the summertime I love the Drive-In’s. We are so fortunate in this area to have so many (and you get a double feature!). When I am dying to see a new flick, it’s to Spectrum 8 for me. $10 for a movie ticket still seems pretty steep to me, but I don’t mind supporting a local independent business once in a while.

Most often however, I am patient and I go the distance, to Scotia Cinema. They are a bit of a drive away, but their tickets are only $4.50 a piece! They get movies a bit later than other theaters, but to me it’s worth the wait. The theater has been open since 1929, and while they are quite clean and up to date, you still get a quaint old-fashioned feel to the joint.

Enjoy a flick; maybe even surprise yourself to see one you wouldn’t have paid $10 for! Afterwards go across the street to the Scotia Diner and get yourself a milkshake, their strawberry ones are quite delicious. Real old fashioned fun!

See what’s playing!

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