Cheesecake Machismo

Cheesecake, Valentines Day, perfect excuse to indulge. The name is Cheesecake Machismo.

Image(Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake)

If you have not been here, you do not know what you’re missing. Go here, now, if you can. This is one of Albany’s little gems. Nestled on Hamilton Street close to the state buildings, is its tiny little shop. There are two little tables, so you might want to plan on taking your cheesecake to go.

For $5 you get one of the many flavors of cheesecake and a drink, I suggest a nice hot cocoa on a cold winters day like today, but there are drinks for all seasons and palates.

Their Facebook page is updated with a list of different flavors daily, many of which are very unique; they have fruity flavors, chocolatey, caramel, classic, more exotic choices, you name it.

I look at their page almost everyday, compulsively, and when the right flavor strikes me I take a walk.


(‘Paydirt’ Cheesecake)

Today their flavors are as listed:

Friday February 14th: caramel pumpkin. squatch. strawberry. purple nurple. butter rum apple. peanut butter cookie. brown sugar cinnamon. plain. apres ski. chocolate chip fasciana. cherry. blueberry maple. caramel toffee. cookies ‘n’ creme. hazelnut brownie.

If you become a frequent eater like myself, they have a punch card and your 10th piece will be free!


(Banana Foster’s Cheesecake)

Check out their flavors daily

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