Salem, NY

Lovely is the word to describe this sequence I’m about to fill you in on; Head to Salem, NY (no witches to be found here).


You haven’t spent too much time in Washington County? Neither had I until recently, until the day I discovered Steiningers. I had heard good things so I was willing to make the trip. I walked in and it was packed with old women, and the décor seemed to be created by the likes. My boyfriend and I felt a little out of place just for a moment, until we started eating. We forgot about that with the first taste of their delectable soup, their sandwiches were extremely tasty, but their dessert…oh my. Their dessert is phenomenal. What a gem.


After eating a great meal, you can take a ride right down the road and visit an intriguing sculpture park, Salam Art Works. At first I thought there were just a few sculptures, but a friendly staff member told me to keep searching, so I did. There were rolling hills of sculptures in and around the woods, I felt as if I was on a treasure hunt.


The feed and the fun are fantastic in Salem, go and enjoy!

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