Crepes: Delicate deliciousness. I have found two joints within close range to Albany that creates crack-level crepes. Ravenous in Saratoga and Starving Artist’s Cafe in Lee, MA.


In Saratoga I had Strawberry Rhubarb crepes with frites. Only for breakfast can you eat cake and potatoes. So epically delicious, plus you can spend time in lovely Saratoga afterwards.

Check out their menu:


Say you want crepes, but you feel like exploring somewhere other than Saratoga. Get out of NY for the day and go to nearby Lee, Massachusetts; it’s a cute small town with beautiful surroundings. I had their caramel apple pecan crepes. They are to live for.

Check out their menu:


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3 Responses to Crepes

  1. runningtonz says:

    Saw your post, and had to say that besides the awesome crepes, the pomme frites with garlic aioli accompanied by a glass of Hennepin at Ravenous are really good as well! I’ll have to check out that spot in Lee, MA.

    • jmadsen2000 says:

      Yes their frites are fantastic..have you been to the Ommegang brewery?? Great frites and super fresh Hennepin!! Inspired to write about that now :).

      • runningtonz says:

        I’ve wanted to visit that brewery, especially during one of their “Belgium Comes To Cooperstown” festivals. I first tried the “Three Philosophers” brew a few years ago, and it’s good stuff!

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