The Iron Roost


You like Waffles?
Any old waffle can help cure a hangover, or a healthy morning appetite. Almost all waffles are good, but only few are darn good.

If you’ve been to Troy’s Farmers Market I hope you have tried the Belgian Liege Wafels, and if you haven’t, you should. Wait an extra minute or so and ask to get them hot off the griddle. The pearl sugar used creates a different and divine consistency. This was my first experience with a fantastic and fresh waffle.
When I traveled down to Dover, Delaware last spring I encountered a surprisingly good waffle. It looked like your typical waffle, right out of the iron you might have had in your dining hall in college (that’s how I know even a crappy waffle can cure a hangover). As we well know, looks can be deceiving, and they certainly were in this case. The joint was Kirby & Holloway Family Restaurant, in business since 1948 so you know they’re doing something right. Their kitschy sign was a plus too. Their typical looking waffles were simply delicious give them a go if you ever find yourself down in Dover.

The most recent waffle I have stumbled upon however comes from The Iron Roost in Ballston Spa, and what a waffle it was. The joint was decorated with the charm I expect from the town. There were fresh flowers on each table, and books and board games to keep one occupied while awaiting waffles. Sweet and Savory options are available. I chose the Lemon Mascarpone & Strawberries and had a gingerbread coffee. So delectable, I cannot wait to return!
Which Waffle Would you Chose?

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