Roosevelt Baths & Spa

I am not your typical Spa Go-er.
I’ve gotten a facial, I’ve gotten a massage, and I haven’t had the urge to get another again. Life can be stressful, however, and I found a miraculous way to get a Spa treatment that I deem comfortable and affordable.

If you’ve visited Saratoga Springs it is likely you have seen the taps of distinctly smelling mineral water around town. It is said to be good for your health.

Roosevelt Baths & Spa offer mineral baths for $30 (they have a frequent bathers stamp card which makes the 8th free! Incentive). The water is dark and scentless. The baths are deeper than the floors. In your private room you can dim the lights creating a very relaxing 40 minutes .

The venue is beautiful. It is located within the familiar Saratoga Spa State Park yet tucked away in a corner. With purchase of a bath you are welcome to the relaxation room including tea and fruit, and also the steam room.

More information on Mineral Baths @ Roosevelt Spa:

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