El Loco’s Frozen Margarita

I am not an Albany native. I moved up here to go to SUNY Albany and never left.

When my friends and I were in college we hated Albany. We said there was nothing to do, the weather stunk, and so did the food (if only I knew that when I know now). We, like many other college students, found frequenting the bars was a good hobby to take up.

When I was in school before you were 21 you went to the classics such as Chubbys, Michaels, Bogies, or the Long Branch. When you reached 21 you went to WT’s or Professor Barleys. When you matured you graduated to the Lark Street bars such as the Lionheart or Hollywood Café. This was the natural SUNY Albany progression.

Now that I am out of college I am not a professional drinker. Bars are a once in a while thing to catch up with friends. I can go out and have just one or two, and I want it to be tasty.

When I want to catch up with a friend over a tasty drink, we go to El Loco’s and have a frozen margarita. Yeah they’re good, and they’re big. Order some delicious Mexican food while you’re at it too. After you can go to bed happy, or hit up Palais (the only bar I still enjoy in Albany) if the night is too young.


Take a peak at El Loco’s menu


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